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#include <stdio.h>

#include <xf86.h>
#include <xf86Version.h>
#include <xf86_Config.h>
#include <xf86Xinput.h>

#include <linux/input.h>

/************* Config options *****************************************/

#define TUN_DEFAULT_INPUT_PATH            "/dev/input/event%d"

/************* Debug macros *******************************************/

#define TLOG_HEADER           "Tuntitko: "

#ifndef ORFLOG
# define TLOG_FILE            stderr
# define TLOG_INITCODE  
# define TLOG_VARIABLE        extern FILE* logfile
# define TLOG_FLUSH
# define TLOG_FILE            tlogfile
# define TLOG_INITCODE        do { tlogfile = fopen ("/home/0rfelyus/prace/tuntitko/tuntitko-log", "a");    \
                         if (tlogfile == NULL)                                            \
                           { tlogfile = stderr;                                           \
                            fprintf (stderr, TLOG_HEADER "can not open 0rf's logfile") ;              \
                           }                                                        \
                         else                                                       \
                           setlinebuf (tlogfile);                                         \
                        } while (0)
# define TLOG_VARIABLE        FILE *tlogfile
# define TLOG_FLUSH           fflush (tlogfile)
extern FILE* logfile;

#ifdef __GNUC__
# define TLOG(format, args...)       \
  do { fprintf (TLOG_FILE, TLOG_HEADER); fprintf (TLOG_FILE, format, ##args); fprintf (TLOG_FILE, "\n"); } while (0)

# include <stdarg.h>
  static void
  TLOG (char *format, ...)
    va_list args;
    va_start (args, format);
    fprintf (TLOG_FILE, TLOG_HEADER);
    vfprintf (TLOG_FILE, format, args);
    fprintf (TLOG_FILE, "\n");
    va_end (args);

/************* Convenience macros *************************************/

#define t_new(TYPE,N)         (TYPE *) xalloc (sizeof (TYPE) * N)
#define t_renew(TYPE,MEM,N)   (TYPE *) xrealloc (MEM, sizeof(TYPE) * N)
#define t_free                xfree

/************* Query device features **********************************/

#define BITS_PER_LONG         (sizeof (long) * 8)
#define NBITS(x)        ((((x)-1)/BITS_PER_LONG)+1)
#define OFF(x)                ((x)%BITS_PER_LONG)
#define LONG(x)               ((x)/BITS_PER_LONG)
#define TEST_BIT(bit, array)  ((array[LONG(bit)] >> OFF(bit)) & 1)



typedef unsigned long         TunDeviceInfo [EV_MAX][NBITS(KEY_MAX)];
typedef struct { int major, minor, micro; } TunDeviceVersionInfo;
typedef unsigned short TunDeviceIDInfo [4];
typedef struct {
  int       value;
  int       min;
  int       max;
  int       fuzz;
  int       flat;
} TunAbsValuatorInfo;

int         tunQueryLinuxDriverVesrion (int fd, TunDeviceVersionInfo *info);
char*       tunQueryDeviceName (int fd);
void        tunQueryDevice (int fd, TunDeviceInfo info);
void        tunQueryAbsValuator (int fd, int valuator, TunAbsValuatorInfo *info);
void        tunQueryDeviceID (int fd, TunDeviceIDInfo info);


typedef struct _TunValuatorRec {
  short int lid;        /* id of valuator as Linux Input valuator */
  short int xiv;        /* X input valuator index */

  int       value;            /* absolute value */
  int       rel_value;  /* relative value */

  int       min;        /* min & max for relative  valuators used as absolute... */
  int       max;

  /* flags */
  unsigned int          is_absolute : 1;

  /* revert up and down */
  unsigned int          upsidedown : 1;         

  /* convert relative valuator to BUTTON4 & BUTTON5 buttons */ 
  unsigned int          mouse_wheel_hack : 1;

 /* there are some strenge joysticks, which report absolute valuator -
  * slope of stick which should be interpreted as acceleration of
  * relative valuator... complicated, huh?
  unsigned int          abs_is_relspeed : 1;
} TunValuatorRec, *TunValuatorPtr;

typedef struct _TunDevRec {
  TunDeviceIDInfo device_ID;

  char                  *input_device;
  double          factorX, factorY;

  struct timeval  last_event_time;
  /** variables for event heuristics ... */
  int             delta_time;
  int             last_valuator;
  int             num_of_recieved_valuators;
  /* end of heuristic */

  int             nof_avaluators;
  int             first_avaluator;
  TunValuatorPtr  avaluators;

  int             nof_rvaluators;
  int             first_rvaluator;
  TunValuatorPtr  rvaluators;

  int             nof_xvaluators;
  TunValuatorPtr       *xval_to_lval_tbl;

  int             nof_lbuttons;
  int             first_lbutton;
  short int        *lbut_to_xbut_tbl;
  int             max_xbutton;

  /* whether we report absolute/relative coordinates */
  unsigned int          is_absolute : 1;  
  /* whether we can send proximity evens... */
  unsigned int          has_proximity : 1;
  /* whether we have some relative valuator with mouse_wheel_hack */
  unsigned int          has_mouse_wheel_hack : 1;
} TunDeviceRec, *TunDevicePtr;

void  tunInitDeviceRec (int fd, LocalDevicePtr local, TunDevicePtr tun, TunDeviceInfo info);
void  tunAutoconfigDeviceRec (LocalDevicePtr, TunDevicePtr, TunDeviceInfo);
void  tunDeviceRecForceXValuators (TunDevicePtr tun, int n);
void  tunFinishUnasigned (LocalDevicePtr local, TunDevicePtr tun, TunDeviceInfo info);
void    tunDeviceRecFinalize (TunDevicePtr tun);

#define TUN_X_TIME(TUN)       (TUN->last_event_time.tv_sec * 1000 + \
                         TUN->last_event_time.tv_usec / 1000)



LocalDevicePtr tunAllocate (int, char*);
void         tunAllocateButtons (TunDevicePtr, int last);

int         tunLookUpKey (char *string);
int         tunLookUpAbsValuator (char *string);
int         tunLookUpRelValuator (char *string);

char*       tunGetKeyName (int id);
char*       tunGetAbsValuatorName (int id);
char*       tunGetRelValuatorName (int id);
char*       tunGetEventName (int id);


Bool tunConfig (LocalDevicePtr      *array,
            int         index,
            int         max,
            LexPtr            val);


void        tunPostMotionEvent (DeviceIntPtr device);
void        tunPostProximityEvent (DeviceIntPtr device, int value);
void        tunPostButtonEvent (DeviceIntPtr device, int button, int is_down);

/************* Names ... **********************************************/

#define TUN_BUTTON_UNASSIGNED       -1
#define TUN_BUTTON_PROXIMITY        -2
#define TUN_BUTTON_DISABLED         -3

#define TUN_VALUATOR_UNASSIGNED           -1
#define TUN_VALUATOR_DISABLED       -2

#define BUTTON_MAX            (KEY_MAX - BTN_MISC)
#define KEY_TO_BUTTON(X)      ((X) - BTN_MISC)
#define BUTTON_TO_KEY(X)      ((X) + BTN_MISC)

#define IS_KEY(X)       ((0 < (X)) && ((X) < BTN_MISC))
#define IS_BUTTON(X)          ((BTN_MISC <= (X)) && ((X) < KEY_MAX))

/** Names of absolute valuators.
extern char *tun_names_abs [];
extern char *tun_names_events [];
extern char *tun_names_rel [];
extern char *tun_names_keys [];

/** ugly hack */
extern LocalDevicePtr   tun_switch_device;


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